Goodstays Guest App

Guest Hospitality Mobile App

Everything you need to know about your vacation is in your pocket with your own personalised Goodstays guest app.

The information in the app is specific to each guest, giving you a highly personalised experience that’s always in reach including:

  • Real-time reservation information. Get your check-in information, door access codes, helpful tips on what to pack, and more. It’s all easy for you to access at the touch of a button.
  • Community information. We'll provide you with important details about the neighborhood or community including how to arrange an airport shuttle, gate codes, helpful phone numbers and directions.

The best part of the app? It cuts through the amount of time you spend on trouble shooting so you can spend more time relaxing on your holiday. All this information is available in three different formats - just in case you want to completely unplug when you're on vacation. This service is free to all guests however feel free to fill out the form below if you wish to know more.

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